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Metaphor Development is led by Liam Stapleton who has focused his career on learning and development. He has held senior training, recruitment, HR and regional management roles with Boots, Superdrug and The National Pharmacy Association. A registered pharmacist, Liam has experience of working in retail, the NHS and academia as well as writing for a number of pharmacy magazines.

Liam’s key skills lie in delivering engaging workshops that are both challenging and fun, and producing training support materials that are visually and mentally engaging, helping people apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt. His major interests are in helping clients utilise improved communication skills to become more effective in management, leadership and influence and helping teams manage their own motivation. The programmes that Liam runs use a range of metaphors to help participants grasp important concepts and then gives people space to put these concepts into their own context.

We use a small network of trusted associates and partner organisations to increase delivery capacity or provide specific skills. Whilst remaining accountable for the quality of services we are able to key into expert skills in information management, graphic design, printing, data handling, IT systems and distribution and logistics.

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